Sudhain takes a look at the bandwidth needed for graphics cards, to determine just what you can expect to see from PCI-Express.  Also, Legionhardware compares Catalyst drivers to see what has changed over the past few iterations.

“My curiosity piqued, I decided to investigate just how much AGP bandwidth affected modern game and application performance, and, by extension, how much PCI-Express is likely to improve it.  While we won’t be able to directly predict PCI-E performance based on AGP scaling, we can use one to establish a rough trend for the other.”


Generally with graphics cards a driver update is quite simple and can easily be reverted back to the original drivers if anything goes wrong. Often I simply update my drivers without paying much attention to the impact that they might have. Generally with the test system I hold off driver updates until I have finished testing a series of say motherboards. Today I have taken it upon myself to discover what these new Catalyst drivers have to offer and how the 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7 BETA drivers stack up against one another.