Scott “Damage” Wasson has put together another solid review as he takes a look at Shuttle’s XPC SB81P. How does this box stack up to the rigorous testing of Damage Labs? Read on and find out!
Shuttle’s designers, ever vigilant, apparently weren’t daunted. They’ve redesigned the XPC from a clean sheet of paper. The result is Shuttle’s new P-series chassis, the first incarnation of which is the XPC SB81P. This new XPC sits inside of a handsome, black, BTX-inspired case that’s slightly larger in every dimension than prior XPCs. With innovative three-zone cooling, Intel High Definition Audio, room for a RAID array, and a PCI Express X16 slot capable of housing a double-wide graphics card, the SB81P aims to stifle our complaints once and for all. Will it succeed? Keep reading to find out.