Buffalo Firestix FSX5000V DDR Memory - Memory 2

As a response to the increased competition in the high-end memory market, Buffalo Technology have introduced their new Firestix memory modules. Clothed in bright-red heatspreaders, the Firestix come in both PC3500 & PC4000 flavours. The PC4000 version is officially labelled the FSX5000V and is said by Buffalo to run at 250mhz @ 3-4-4-8. As seen previously, the increases in bandwidth supported by the faster DDR has also resulted in increased latency timings, theoretically causing a performance hit. So how do the Firestix perform compared to the competition? PCStats take a pair of 512meg modules and put them through their paces.

“Buffalo Technology is gearing up for some tough competition in the high-end memory market, and their secret weapons are the new dual channel DDR Buffalo Firestix modules. Buffalo’s new series of DDR RAM comes with a snazzy new name, some bright red heatspreaders, and modules like the ones we are testing today which are rated to run at 250 MHz, while maintaining 3-4-4-8 memory timings, at a voltage of 2.7V.”