After doing some snooping around the Abit booth here at Quakecon, I came across a motherboard that I definitely didn’t recognize.  What I had was the first prototype of the Abit Fatal1ty motherboard.

First Abit Fatal1ty Motherboard Shots - Motherboards 4

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The quick and dirty basics I got on the board were that it was a 925X-based Intel 775-pin platform (obviously) with some added tweaks to it.  You can see most of the layout from this image and though at first nothing looks significantly different, a closer inspection revelas some changes.  First, the large in the top left of the motherboard is going to be filled with two fans for Abit’s new cooling system, that will also cover the new board power system seen below.

First Abit Fatal1ty Motherboard Shots - Motherboards 5

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You can see there are small MOSFETs around a new, larger power system that Abit is claiming makes the board much more stable during regular use and overclocking.  This was something that was completely redesigned by the Abit staff.  You can also see that the external connectors have moved significantly down on this board as well.

First Abit Fatal1ty Motherboard Shots - Motherboards 6

Sorry for the blur, it turns out my hand isn’t as stable as I’d planned.  There are two network jacks, USB ports and a single Firewire port, but that’s it.  For the true gamer won’t need such things as on-board sound and an aging serial or parallel port; at least that’s the way Abit and the Fatal1ty group are seeing it.

Other little bits of info that I was able to gather from Abit included a redesign of the clock generator.  Abit went directly to the clock gen manufacturer to redesign the generator to allow completely independent control over the FSB, memory bus, PCI Express and PCI buses.  This will of course add to the overclocking potential in this model from Abit.

That’s all I have for now, but I’ll be posting more as soon as I get it!  Feel free to discuss this in our Abit Forum!