LG Flatron L1810B LCD review @ Hexus - Displays 2 LG electronics enrich your life, making it more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable.” 

Initially catering to the budget conscious with products such as their low-cost televisions, over the last two or three years LG has emerged as a manufacturer of well designed and reliable products, from air-conditioning to mobile phones. Recently LG reported an increase of 85% in profit, nearly two thirds of which was attributable to sales of LCD’s. Certainly LG recognises the importance of delivering an end product that looks good, but what about performance and reliability? The Flatron name has been around for a while, so lets take a look at the L1810B over at HEXUS.net.

“Overall I’m impressed by the LG, both in terms of specification and initial out of the box impressions. The resolution is a fine fit for the overall screen size, 19″ CRT owners will tell you that, and its even brightness and pin sharp display with the DVI connector are a pleasure. Colour reproduction, something that’s hard to objectively test without expensive hardware or software, seems excellent.”