I got a few review links saved up for you all today.  Start off with ProCooling.com’s JayDee116 showing off his newest DIY waterblock which beats his previous one by a nice margin.  Zalman, Poseidon and Asetek are all represeted, along with various others, including Part 2 of Watercooling for Everyone.

Public Service Announcement – remember, if you disarm your PC’s blades, and have a self destruct on some of the waterlines, it won’t go psychotic and try to disembowel you every Friday the 13th.

“The relatively open design and the large 1/2″ copper connectors used for barbs make the R Type a fairly low flow resistance block. I would guess that the 1/2″ copper barbs are the major reason for the increased flow rate. It is also clear that the R-Type block does quite a bit better than the Lumpy Channel block at less than 1.25 GPM. This is consistent with the thicker base used on the R-Type.”

Here are some more Cases & Cooling reviews from around the web:

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