today announced the launch of its Weekly Online Sweepstakes promotion. This web-based initiative offers visitors a weekly opportunity to win prizes ranging from Canon’s latest 6MP Digital Camera to powerful Compaq/ Hewlett Packard Notebooks.

“The sweepstakes program is a fun, yet strategic endeavor crafted to supply rewarding incentives to visitors” says Stuart Wallock, Director of Marketing. “Our objective is to generate more interest in our web site by adding value and to encourage shoppers to stop by our site regularly to enter the sweepstakes or to see if they’ve won.”

For a chance to win a visitor simply enters his or her email address into the Sweepstakes entry-fields on the homepage ( A single submission will automatically register the entrant for that particular week’s Sweepstakes and the Newsletter. A sweepstakes winner is drawn each Thursday from the weeks qualified. Winners are selected at random by a third-party.

The Sweepstakes is a reoccurring promotion and visitors may enter the contest every week. This way, entrants who may not have won in the past have the opportunity to try again and again. Additional details of the weekly sweepstakes are available on the website.