Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to your PC’s case.  Many HTPC’s are set up for mini-ITX, like in todays review.  Some, like the LaScala, further down, will fit almost any ATX board.  Why don’t you take a look, maybe your next PC can live in your IKEA Home Entertainment Centre … just make sure the PC case isn’t from there!
“Since VIA launched their mini ITX platform they have developed somewhat of a cult following. While boards are plentiful, cases are somewhat limited compared to tower cases. There are a few different classes of mini ITX cases available. The first class would be the general plain cases that are small but not the most aesthetically pleasing, such as the Cubid Morex. Then there are the mini ITX cases that try to cram as much into as little space as possible such as the Travla C138. Lastly there’s the usual HTPC class of cases, which we will be looking at today. ”

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