Sponsors and Exhibitors

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Quakecon is really made possible by the sponsors that shell out the money for the convention center, the facilities, the network and the prize money.  Of course this year again id Software was a major player but NVIDIA took the crown for title sponsor.  They donated a lot of money to this cause and to the community for it and they should be commended for their efforts.  Other hardware sponsors included AMD, VIA, Linksys and Chenbro. 

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 31

NVIDIA had both a resting area for Quakecon attendees to rest and relax while watching some movies or playing games (seen above) but they also had a booth with lots of games being run on NV40 hardware.

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 32

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 33

Games like Far Cry and Doom 3 were of course there, but other titles such as the unreleased Stalker were playable as well.

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 34

The now classic Doom 3 room that has seen its fair share of Quakecons, E3s and more was on hand to show off the working Doom 3 console demo.  After playing it again this year, the console version is playing remarkably well with remarkably impressive image quality.  This is definitely not going to be a Halo port type of situation. 

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 35

The new Call of Duty: United Offensive was also being shown to the public in the Activision booth seen here.

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 36

The VIA booth was showcasing their latest chipsets as well as small form factor machines and interesting case designs.  The VIA Envy 24 chipset for sound cards was being displayed as well on a running Doom 3 system.

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 37

AMD had a booth as well with various systems running on Athlon 64 processors playing Far Cry.  They also had a little theater going in the back as you can see in the above image.

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 38

Abit was an exhibitor at Quakecon as well showing off their line of products for both AMD and Intel processors.  Of course, as Abit has done at every show recently, they had a Fatal1ty Shootout being run as well.

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 39

At the shootout, anyone that could score even a single point on Fatal1ty (who did win the Doom 3 tourney and $25,000 at this year’s Quakecon) would get a prize and anyone that beat him got several system components.  These shootouts always draw a great crowd and this one was no exception. 

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 40

Abit also had the first mock up of the Fatal1ty motherboard that they are designing in conjunction with the Fatal1ty team.  For more information on this motherboard, check out the news post I made about it earlier in the week. 

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 41

Finally, Creative labs was on hand demonstrating their latest gaming sound cards.

NVIDIA 6600 Launch

On Thursday, the first day of Quakecon, NVIDIA used the show to officially launch their 6600 graphics chip to the world.  You can read our full preview that will give you more detail as to the technical issues and performance on this chip by clicking here.

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 42

NVIDIA set up the standard press release setting, but with three of these enormous screens playing Doom 3!

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 43

Cat Schwartz, formerly of TechTV fame, was the MC for the evening event.  Here she is speaking with Todd Hollenshead of id Software about Doom 3 and NVIDIA’s performance in the game.

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 44

Our buddy Ujesh gives the presentation on the 6600 graphics cards to the crowd describing all the features and performance.

Quakecon 2004 - Shows and Expos 45

Finally, the event was summed up with a round table Q&A with questions from the crowd to two reps from both NVIDIA and id Software.

If you want the full scoop on the 6600 graphics chip, check out my preview.

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