Since PCI-Xpress is being used to bring back old school Scan Line Interleave, you all may end up with 2 videocards in your box.  OCIA looks at a silent VGA cooler from Zalman that might save your ears, and let you hear the bad guys that you can’t see onscreen.

“Does silent cooling tickle your fancy? I do believe it does if you’re reading this review. Zalman has long since lead the way in silent cooling and now they are back with version 3 of their noiseless VGA cooler. The first one, if you remember, was black, then they released a gold one (not sure of the difference), now they have this new blue one with the dual heatpipes. I guess one wasn’t good enough. Nope, they went and added that second one just for kicks so you can have bragging rights. Think that’s the case? Not me, I believe this little joker might actually improve on an already good idea.”

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