Application: MP3, DiVX Encoding

Encoding your own music files and movies has many advantages namely having media in a convenient electronic format. With playback devices (i.e. iPods, media PCs) improving every few months, making your own electronic duplicates and putting away the hardcopies begins to make more sense.

So let’s look at how well the Soyo SY-KT880 Dragon 2 converts 12 minutes of DVD samples (with DTS 5.1 audio) into 640×480 DiVX files with AC3 surround audio, and how quickly it can turn a 54 minute audio CD into 192kbps MP3s.

Soyo SY-KT880 Dragon 2 Motherboard - Motherboards 55

Here we see the nForce 2 and the Soyo Dragon 2 performing MP3 encoding at pretty much the same rate, but the real difference in DiVX encoding. The Soyo Dragon 2 takes over 1 minute longer to encode the same 12 minute DVD samples as it does on the nForce 2. This may not seem significant, but considering how many movies are 2 hours (or longer), this would mean the Dragon 2 would take an extra 13 minutes to encode as it would on the nForce 2.

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