I stumbled upon this story in Scientific American and needed to pass it onto those of you who’s PC’s are in direct sunlight, and overheating.  Hopefully it will be available soon, and not just in the “somewhat unattractive yellowy brown color” style.  Also available for today … Fan controllers, Northbridge and Videocard coolers, and more!
With the dog days of summer upon us, things are heating up, especially cars and buildings with windows to soak up the sun’s rays.   Help may soon be available in the form of a smart film that can block heat–but not light–from the sun. Recent findings indicate that the window coating can reduce room heating by as much as 50 percent. Troy D. Manning, now at the University of Liverpool, and Ivan P. Parkin of University College London developed the novel coating using vanadium dioxide and a small amount of the metal tungsten. The film allows light with wavelengths in the visible spectrum and infrared light, at low temperatures, to pass through it. When the temperature exceeds 29 degrees Celsius, however, the material reflects infrared radiation. The scientists report their results in the August 10 issue of the Journal of Materials Chemistry.”

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