There seems to be a growing amount of people using Linux; perhaps seeking experiance or making the switch altogether. So how does the latest gear from AMD & Intel perform under Linux? Read on to find out!

Almost three months ago, Intel released their new platform which included many new features for Intel. These features included two new chipsets, a new CPU package and socket, DDR2 memory support, and the first motherboards with PCI-Express slots. You haven’t heard much from us here at LH.o about, because we’ve been hard at work getting all of the components working and working well under Linux. Along with the Intel system, we also have AMD’s latest processor in the new 939-pin package, the Athlon 64 3800+. So now it’s time that we take a look at all these new features from both Intel and AMD and crown the king of processors until the next ones are released. We’ll be going over the tech of these new features and showing you the latest platforms that we’ve chosen for our testing. Of course, we’ll tell you how all of it works with Linux and where to get the latest drivers for all of these new components.