ExtremeMhz takes a look at a new companies heatsink.  There’s a lapping kit to look at, or maybe you are more concerned about noise dampening?  Don’t forget the 3 way fanless VGA cooler showdown, and for those neat-freaks out there, PCI slot covers!
“It’s been a little while since I’ve had the opportunity to review a heatsink, and it’s been even longer while since I’ve been able to review a heatsink from a new company. Odds are you probably haven’t heard of XG Gamer, but you probably have heard of their parent company, MGE. MGE, or Manufacturer of Great Electronics, has been around since the early ’90s and has a lot of experience with computer cases and their associated peripheral devices. XG Gamer is MGE’s new enthusiast department, and one of their latest devices is the Ice Age Pentium 4 heatsink. XG has put a lot of the latest design ideas into this one, including heatpipes! But does it perform? Read on!”

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