Installation of the Gyration Ultra GT is pretty straightforward: charge mouse, plug receiver in, and configure the channel. Charging the mouse for the first time takes about 9 hours.  A steady green status LED on the mouse shows you when it’s done charging. The receiver plugs into a free USB port and you position the receiver wherever you.  Since the Ultra GT uses radio frequencies to communicate with the computer, the receiver does not need to be ‘in the line of sight’ like infrared technology.

Gyration Ultra GT Review - General Tech 28
To program the receiver, click “Learn” …

Gyration Ultra GT Review - General Tech 29
… and then click “Teach” on the mouse.

By simply pushing the ‘Learn’ button on the receiver and then the ‘Teach’ button on the mouse, you program the receiver to recognize the channel the mouse is using. That’s it! There is no additional software or hardware to configure. It’s really simple and quick to set up which is a blessing for busy people. 🙂

When it is time to move your Gyration Ultra GT, the procedure is even easier thanks to the programmable ROM on the receiver – the receiver saves the channels of your Gyration devices.  Each time you unplug and reconnect the receiver, you won’t have to go through the ‘Teach and Learn’ sequence since the receiver already knows what channel the mouse is on. The only time you need to reprogram the receiver is when you add another Gyration device.

If you are using multiple Gyration devices like the wireless keyboard and mouse, you will need to set each device on a different channel by using the Channel button and then go through the ‘Teach and Learn’ procedure.

Overall the installation is extremely painless and requires no special software or power outlets and chords to get the mouse working. It truly works ‘out of the box’ (assuming your battery has enough juice). There is GyroTools software you can install, but it is not mandatory though I strongly recommend using it (more on this later).

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