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The Gyration Ultra GT is an innovative product that is really well designed and will find its calling in business and entertainment environments.

For the business user, the Gyration Ultra GT is the ultimate pointing device. Not only is it handy as a standard desktop mouse, it also useful as a presentation aid so you don’t have to be tied down to your computer’s proximity. Combining the GyroTools software and the 30′ transmission range and you have the makings of some dynamic presentations. Thoughtfully, Gyration has also designed the pieces small and slim enough to fit into your laptop bag or even your jacket pocket.

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At home, it makes an amazing remote control for your PC in the living room. You don’t have to get up to use the keyboard anymore, nor do you have to run extension cables across your floor just so you can use your mouse on the sofa. It cleans up the aesthetics of your room and makes the PC incredibly convenient and fun to use.

Installation is very easy and requires no special software or power adapters. The battery life is very good with about 24 hours of usage in my tests. The NiMH type battery eliminates any memory effects caused by under-charging. In our tests, transmission range is about 28′ which should be enough for most of you, if not Gyration sells a professional model that transmits up to 100′.

As great as I think the Gyration Ultra GT is, it is not very practical if you don’t find yourself away from your desk and needing to control it from 20 feet away – I think you will feel disappointed if you use the Gyration Ultra GT solely as a desktop mouse. You also will be paying extra for the gyroscope technology that you won’t really use.

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In games the Gyration Ultra GT will be satisfactory for casual players. But those of you who are hardcore gamers, you will probably look elsewhere as the mouse’s resolution is likely not enough for your needs. You can try playing games with the Ultra GT in the air, but you will find it hard to target objects and your arm will get tired.

This product is not for everyone and the price alone may cause some of you to turn away. However, I strongly feel that the Gyration Ultra GT has huge potential and will have a liberating effect in corporate and home environments. The freedom of being able to use the device on and off a surface makes it an incredible tool of convenience. It is ideal for corporate users who give a lot of presentations, and for general consumers who want their media PC to be more practical and easier to use.

Because of this we are giving the Gyration Ultra GT a PCPerspective Editor’s Choice award. I know there are those of you who will pass this mouse up as a gimmick or a toy, but honestly I think it is one of those tools you never thought you needed and then wondered how you lived without it.

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Thanks to Marc at Gyration for sending up their updated version for me to review. Thanks to Coda for the editing assistance.

Now that you have finished reading this review, go and find some deals on the Gyration Ultra GT! 🙂

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