The guys over at GamePC have thrown the Shuttle SN95G5 nForce 3 Ultra Socket-939 through the lab. Read on and see what they found!
Despite the valiant attempts of every major motherboard maker to grab a piece of the small form factor market, Shuttle is still the dominating player. Shuttle is now running with such a lead in terms of both market share and word-of-mouth reputation, that it is a downright daunting task to try to intrude a new SFF and compete against the Shuttle juggernaut. Shuttle’s latest generation of XPC small form factor case designs appear to separate Shuttle from the pack even further.

Shuttle recently launched their 5th generation designs with two new models, one for Intel’s Socket-775 Pentium 4 (SB85G5) and one for AMD’s Socket-939 Athlon64 / Athlon64-FX, which is the SN95G5 system we’re looking at today. The launch of the SN95G5 is especially sweet, as it is the first retail product to bring AMD’s high-end Socket-939 processor architecture to a small form factor environment. In a recent poll here at GamePC, a whopping 60% of readers voted that a Socket-939 Athlon64/FX processor would be the most desirable CPU in a small form factor environment.