It looks like Abit is going to be the first out of the block with a retail AMD PCI Express motherboard, using the VIA K8T890 chipset.

October 19, 2004With the release of DOOM 3™, gamers have been looking for hardware that yields the best performance. ABIT’s highly-awarded KV8 Pro and AV8 motherboards, were declared as the Ultimate Motherboards for DOOM 3 by Hard|OCP. Today, ABIT unleashes the AX8 — a motherboard that adds PCI Express to ABIT’s award-winning AMD motherboards. With the VIA K8T890 chipset, µGuru™ and BulletProof Technology, the AX8 takes the ABIT’s Socket 939 platform, and adds to it the bandwidth of PCI Express for the ultimate in 3D game performance.


Powered by the VIA K8T890 chipset, the AX8 supports the latest cutting-edge technologies, including the latest Socket 939 Athlon 64/64 FX CPUs, and up to 4GB of high-speed Dual Channel DDR 400 memory. 2GHz HyperTransport™ technology delivers impressive system bandwidth to fuel resource-hungry 3D games and applications, while Cool n’ Quiet technology helps keep both system temperatures and noise in check. The AX8 can also support up to 4 channels of SATA 150 RAID. Use RAID 0 for increased performance or RAID 1 for enhanced data security. Built-in Gigabit LAN makes the AX8 high-speed Internet ready, and 5.1 channel audio with optical S/PDIF in and out means a robust platform for multimedia buffs. Along with USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394, the AX8 provides an ideal backbone for any DOOM 3™ box.


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