If home decorating is your thing, or maybe i’;s the “thing” of someone close to you, and you are getting grief over your PC case not matching the window treatments.  Well, Overclockercafe looks at a case from Aspire that let’s you change the colour scheme of the case in 5 minutes.  If that doesn’t interest you, look down to see if any of the other reviews catch your eye
“Aspire realizes that you don’t always want to look at the same old colors over and over so they have devised a way for you to have some variety in your case. The front mask is nothing more than an interchangeable piece of molded plastic which you can replace for a different color and Aspire includes two extra sets of masks for you. Removal of the mask is simple and they include a sheet of directions for you to follow just to make sure. In less than 3 minutes you can change the color scheme or your case and there are five different mask colors to choose from.”

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