Silent PC Review looks at a new offering from CoolerMaster, OCModShop looks at a heatsink designed for the Prescott, and there is a 7 way round up at bit news.  Hope you don’t have any deadlines today.
“The Ultra Vortex is a recent addition to CoolerMaster’s enthusiast HSF line, one that addresses the quiet market — at least in the promotional material and packaging. It is also one of an increasing number of cross-platform HSF. This one works for socket 478 and the AMD K8 sockets. An all copper radial heatsink with thin fins and a 92mm fan: Reminiscent of a Zalman 7000, isn’t it? How does it compare? SPCR’s Ultra Vortex review, complete with MP3 sound files that you can listen to and judge for yourself.”

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