In my opinion the Thermalright XP-120 heatsink is an outstanding product.  The overall design and fit-and-finish is excellent.  And it is very light weight too.  Once again I believe we are seeing the advantages that properly designed and integrated heat pipe technology has to offer.  The Thermalright XP-120 produced the best performance to noise ratio I have seen to date from any air-cooling solution.


Unfortunately, because of its large size, the XP-120 may not fit every motherboard; but thanks to its unique shape, it will probably fit most.  If you do find the XP-120 is physically too large to fit your board, remember the new XP-90 heatsink also offers very good performance in a smaller package.  And also because of its size, accessing the mounting clips requires a little more care and patience than some of the competition.


A big thanks to our good friend Gary at Sidewinder Computer Systems Inc. for sending us the XP-120 to review — thank you! 

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