Abit today unleashed the Abit Fatality brand of motherboards, based on the 925XE chipset for the Intel LGA775 platform.  Check out all the details on Abit’s website.
The Fatal1ty AA8XE motherboard integrates no less than five cooling technologies that keep the Fatal1ty AA8XE cool in the heat of battle. The specially designed PWM system not only delivers clean stable power to the on-board components, but positioned over the MOSFETs are high-grade heatsinks that draw heat efficiently from some of a motherboard’s hottest components. In fact, with ABIT’s unique layout, the MOSFETs remain below 50°C! With its unique vertical orientation, OTES AeroFlow™ simultaneously cools the northbridge, graphics card, and southbridge. ABIT Engineers innovate yet again with OTES RAMFlow™, the world’s first integrated memory thermal solution on a desktop motherboard.

Abit Officially Launches the Fatality Brand of Motherboards - Motherboards 2