Wow, even Alienware is getting into the SFF biz now!  These are starting pretty cheap, but you can deck them out with a lot of upgrades like the Intel 560 processors and even Radone X800XT’s or GeForce 6800 GTs!  Head on over to read about the technology behind it or you can just start configuring your own!
Presenting the Ideal Solution

Alienware Releases SFF Machine - Systems 6Concentrated Technology
The new Alienware Area-51 5300 represents the epitome of concentrated technology. Combining the latest technology and features with an unbelievably compact form factor, this system defines flexibility. Well-suited to dorm rooms and cubicles alike, this potent system is adaptable to nearly any individual’s needs.

Elegant Simplicity, Concealed Functionality
The Alienware Area-51 5300 proves that looks can be deceiving. Beneath the discreetly modern aesthetic is the full array of functionality you demand. With the simple touch of a button, the system reveals the optical drive of your choice. In similar fashion, applying pressure to the lower front panel uncovers a series of ports including USB and Firewire to allow you to seamlessly integrate your digital devices.

  Alienware Releases SFF Machine - Systems 7

Alienware Releases SFF Machine - Systems 8Next Generation PCI Express
The most significant PC bus architecture change in over a decade, PCI Express is a next-generation system bus providing a high-speed interconnect designed to evolve current PCI technology and address the increasing bandwidth demands of emerging graphics in such next-generation applications as 3D games, professional 3D content creation, high-definition video editing, and more.

Not limited to graphics, PCI Express architecture will also usher in higher bandwidth for a new generation of gigabit Ethernet, high-performance storage controllers, High-Definition video capture controllers, and many other high-performance PC devices.

Alienware Releases SFF Machine - Systems 9Digital Realism
Equipped with a PCI-Express x16 graphics slot, the Alienware Area-51 5300 can utilize the industry’s latest and greatest graphics cards to bring users an unreal level of digital realism. Users looking for basic functionality can opt to use the integrated Intel Extreme Graphics whereas hardcore gamers and creative professionals can choose from any available PCI-Express graphics solution to suit their needs. From one end of the spectrum to the other, the Alienware Area-51 5300 is the ideal platform of choice.

Alienware Releases SFF Machine - Systems 10Bold statement; Silent Operation
Despite being able to utilize the fastest and most powerful components on the market, the Alienware Area-51 5300 has been engineered to remain amazingly quiet. Thanks in part to a copper-based heatsink solution using a series of heatpipes and a large radiator, even the hottest processors are able to be used. The addition of a nearly silent 92mm fan which can be throttled to keep temperatures under control ensures that you’ll focus on the system’s performance and not the noise it produces.