X300 – ATI’s Thin and Light Notebook Option

For the thin and light notebook market, manufacturers look to extend a user’s battery life while maintaining a physically thin machine that is light snd easily carried around the airport or busy city streets.  With a machine of these qualifications, certain reservations must be made on the technology side of things.  For graphics technology, that means a lower performing part that uses less power. 

ATI Mobility X800 and X300 GPUs - Mobile 13

Of course, like all PC and notebook users in today’s world, this market demands stability and reliability, as the majority of the users are business travelers that depend on their machines for their meetings, schedules and work.  Nothing short of the best technology will do for them in this regard.  ATI, having a strong grasp on the mobile discrete graphics market share, has proven they can provide this for their customers, while adding in good image quality and moderate performance to boot.

The Mobility Radeon X300 GPU is ATI’s latest entry into the field, based on the X300 technology we have already seen on the desktop platform.  The Mobility X300 offers 4 pixel pipes and support for DX9.0.  It introduces PowerPlay 5.0, a new power saving technology for mobile machines that we talked about on the previous page.  HyperMemory is also a feature of the X300 mobile GPU.

ATI Mobility X800 and X300 GPUs - Mobile 14

Feature list from ATI

The Mobility X300, as well as all of ATI’s current line up of graphics processors, is being hailed as a great solution for MCE notebooks (Windows Media Center Edition) as well.  Their support for HDTV component output as well as LRTC technology (LCD Response Time Compensation) and ATI’s other proprietary video technologies allow the ATI VPUs to produce excellent visual quality. 

The X300 marks the 10th generation of the Multi-Chip module for ATI, the design that allows the GPU silicon to be directly connected with any on-board memory the GPU will have.  Having memory modules on the same chip as the GPU saves a lot of space on system designs aiming for the thin and light markets. 

ATI Mobility X800 and X300 GPUs - Mobile 15

Configuration options from ATI

The X300 will come in three variations: a discrete solution that uses only system memory, a 32MB integrated version and a 64MB integrated version.  Keep in mind that the versions that have on-board memory can still (and probably will have to) utilize the HyperMemory technology to use system memory as well.  The on-board memory is still the faster of the two by a long shot and as always, the more the better, in terms of performance, but not in terms of batter life.  It’s all a game of weights and balances.

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