New Crytek Demo and Brief Overview of Performance

What ATI did show us was a new demo created by Crytek running on a mobile X800 system.  In the slide below you can see what ATI was attempting to show off on this demo — mainly what developers can still today based on existing game engines and existing video hardware. 

ATI Mobility X800 and X300 GPUs - Mobile 13

Crytek demo features

I have also included a picture I took of the movie, though it is kind of blurry, and if you are really interested, I have a short 30 second video of their demo, that again isn’t high quality but still shows interesting lighting and facial features used by the Crytek engine.

ATI Mobility X800 and X300 GPUs - Mobile 14

Shot from the Crytek Demo

You can also get a short video (30 seconds, 2.3 MB) of the demo by using this link.  Please right click and choose Save As…

At the demo day, we were able to take some preliminary benchmarks of the hardware they had on hand.  While we were able to do this ourselves and really had no limitations, it’s always different doing benchmarking with the vendor standing behind you, so you should take these results with a grain of salt.  Also, keep in mind that I had only an hour with the systems, so the results you see here aren’t all encompassing by any means. 

Mobility X800 Benchmarks – 925X + Intel 560 + 1 GB DDR2
3DMark05  Default 3363
Doom 3 – demo1 640×480 – HQ – 0xAA 70.1
1024×768 – HQ – 0xAA 62.2
1600×1200 – HQ – 0xAA 35.0
Half-Life 2 – ATI town01 demo 640×480 – 0xAA 0xAF 89.3
1024×768 – 0xAA 0xAF 87.1
1600×1200 0xAA 0xAF 58.3


Overall, the new Mobility X800 technology looks very promising for gamers on the move.  There are still some hurdles for both graphics vendors to get past before the gaming market truly embraces the mobile platform, but it really is inevitable at some point.  If ATI can be the first to get rid of those problems, battery life and time to market, I think they’ll be quite pleased with how the market and the buyers react.

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