A full dozen case reviews for you to look at this Monday.  Start with SystemCooling’s review of an often overlooked case manufacturer, Meridian Tech, and their newest case, the XClio Jr
“It would not be fair or accurate to say the XClio Jr. (referred to as just Junior hereafter) is just a smaller version of the XClio. True, they share the distinctive Silver ‘X’ styling, the top mounted USB/ Firewire ports, the mesh-grilled side panel and the lighted 80mm fan mounted on it, but that’s where the similarities end: It is completely different from its larger brother internally. Don’t let ‘Junior’ moniker bother you though, because most of the features on the XClio are present on Junior, just executed in different ways. As always, it is up to the reader to determine which case best fits his or her needs.”

Here are some more Cases & Cooling reviews from around the web:

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