Introduction & Specifications

In a market saturated with nVIDIA and VIA chipsets, Elitegroup goes the SiS route with their ECS 755-A2. It’s priced cheaper than most boards and the performance will surely surprise you.

With the release of newer CPUs and chipsets like the VIA K8T890 and the nForce 4, 754-pin motherboards are becoming the budget platform. With this, motherboards using socket 754 are becoming the choice of system integrators/builders who want to go to faster 64-bit processing without breaking a budget (saving money scores big points with the boss 🙂 ). Also, some enthusiasts are latching onto Socket 754 boards because the AMD Sempron is proving to be a great budget chip to overclock.

Elitegroup ECS 755-A2 Socket 754 Motherboard - Motherboards 36

While Elitegroup (aka. ECS) never really courted the enthusiast crowd, their budget-conscious products make it a real winner among the corporate crowd and builders aiming for budget consumers. The ECS 755-A2 fulfills the budget category exceptionally well by using the SiS 755 chipset while supporting 754 pin Athlon 64 CPUs and has all the basic functionality you need.

After looking at the test results, you will come to realize that the ECS 755-A2 shouldn’t be ignored when deciding on a budget platform.


Elitegroup 755-A2


SiS 755 (Northbridge) / SiS 964 (Southbridge)

Bus Frequency

800MHz HyperTransport Bus


DDR 200MHz – 400MHz

Memory Slots


Memory Capacity


Drive Connectivity

4x IDE


Realtek RTL820, 6-channel audio

Analog Audio Connectivity

(3) Front, Line-in / Surround, Mic / Subwoofer-Center (Supports jack-sensing)

Digital Audio Connectivity



10/100 LAN

USB 2.0

8 connections (4x rear panel, 4x  via internal headers)

Firewire IEEE1394


Special Features

Temperature shut-down

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