Gaming – Need for Speed: Underground 1 & 2 (Demo)

Need for Speed: Underground

Elitegroup ECS 755-A2 Socket 754 Motherboard - Motherboards 36
1280×1024. HIGH details and all effects ON / HIGH.

Here we see better average performance numbers for the ECS 755-A2 than those results relative to Doom 3 and Dawn of War. However, the minimum frame rate is still troublesome as it is once again well below the playable 30 FPS mark.

Need for Speed: Underground 2 (Demo)

Elitegroup ECS 755-A2 Socket 754 Motherboard - Motherboards 37
1024×768, Level 3 detail

Judging by the response in our Gaming Forum, I know a lot of people are looking forward to Need for Speed: Underground 2 as much as I am. The demo was just released a few weeks ago and it looks amazing, however the extra DirectX 9 eye-candy comes at a cost of performance. Here we test all four systems in this new demo, and it is interesting to see how performance compares to the older game.

Here we see the ECS 755-A2 falling behind the group again but by smaller margins compared to Doom 3. The game itself was still very playable and seemed to perform smoother than the first Underground game (granted not all the effects were maxed). Surprisingly, though the game has more graphical features than the previous installment, it doesn’t perform too badly.

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