Features & BIOS


Being a budget mainboard, the ECS 755-A2 has all the basic features you would need. It has SATA RAID 0 and 1 support (no RAID 0+1, or RAID 5), 6 channel audio, and a 10/100 LAN connection. It can support up to 8 USB 2.0 devices using the four connections on the back and the two onboard headers, but a USB 2.0 bracket is not included in the box.

Elitegroup ECS 755-A2 Socket 754 Motherboard - Motherboards 36

The 6-channel audio is driven by the Realtek 820 chip which supports jack-sensing on its three backpanel connections. In order to use 6-channel sound, you will have to use all three jacks and thus losing ability for a microphone and line-in.

Compared to other Athlon 64 motherboards, the ECS 755-A2 doesn’t come with any fancy fan controls, extreme overclocking options, Firewire, digital audio, or Gigabit LAN. It’s obvious it is more concerned about getting the job done and on a budget.
On the technical side, the ECS 755-A2 supports 800MHz HTT, single channel memory, and a 1GB/s link between the SiS 755 Northbridge and the SiS 964 Southbridge (compared to the 3.2 GB/s on the nForce 3 250, and 1066 MB/s on the K8T800 Pro). It will be seen in our testing if any of this makes a difference compared to competing chipsets.


As expected, the BIOS on the ECS 755-A2 is pretty plain. There aren’t any special features for saving BIOS configurations, or controls for the fan. The most advanced it gets are memory voltage controls, FSB frequency, and HT frequency settings.

ECS 755-A2 Overclocking Options

CPU Frequencies


DDR RAM Voltages

2.5V, 2.55V, 2.6V, 2.65V

HT Ratios

200MHz – 800MHz by 200MHz increments

While it does not have much in terms of enthusiast options, it does have everything from Memory timings, to CPU temperature shutdown.

Elitegroup ECS 755-A2 Socket 754 Motherboard - Motherboards 37

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