Bundle & Accessories

Like everything else, the package included with the ECS 755-A2 is very basic. It has a floppy, IDE, and SATA cable, a driver CD, and the back plate. That’s it! No extra SATA cable or USB bracket, no extra software, not even a case badge! ECS really aims to save you money and by having little accessories it helps keep the cost down. Extra USB brackets and cables are easily salvaged from other computers anyway.

Elitegroup ECS 755-A2 Socket 754 Motherboard - Motherboards 36

The driver CD comes with all the drivers needed to get the 755-A2 up and running. Included on the CD is modem and faxing software all from companies I do not recognize. The only software vendor on the CD I recognize is PC-Cillin, the rest you use at your own discretion.

As basic as the software is, the CD does come with a copy of WinFlash which makes flashing your BIOS easier.

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