This marks the final step for the world as we prepare for the release of NVIDIA’s SLI technology.  By the end of next week, the full story will be out and ready on the web as motherboard vendors and graphics card vendors are shipping out their samples to editors and to the system vendors.  This certification program will give buyers a quick way to tell if the hardware they are buying is going to work with the SLI setup they might be building.  Below are the logos you’ll find; “SLI-ready” for systems, motherboards and video cards that support SLI and “SLI” to be used only on complete systems that already have two graphics card working in SLI mode.

NVIDIA Announces SLI Certification and Logo Program - Graphics Cards 3

NVIDIA Announces SLI Certification and Logo Program - Graphics Cards 4


Partner and Customer Production Samples of SLI Ready Components and PCs Tested in
NVIDIA SLI Certification Lab to Ensure High-Quality Consumer Experience
SANTA CLARA, CA—NOVEMBER 10, 2004—NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), a
worldwide leader in graphics and digital media processors, today announced that its worldwide
NVIDIA® SLI™ Certification and Logo Program is fully operational, with add-in cards,
motherboards, and full PC systems already undergoing validation testing. NVIDIA is also
working closely with its worldwide partners in the sales, marketing, and promotion of SLI
technology to help consumers make an educated choice when purchasing SLI-Ready components
or fully-equipped SLI PCs at retail or from qualified system builders.

NVIDIA SLI is the only graphics technology solution shipping today that allows users to
combine the horsepower of two NVIDIA GeForce™6 Series-based graphics cards (currently
GeForce 6600 GT or higher) in a single PC resulting in a stunning increase in graphics
performance. SLI is a complete patent-pending solution, featuring an intelligent communication
protocol embedded in the GPU, a high-speed digital interface to facilitate data flow between the
two graphics cards, and a complete software suite providing dynamic load balancing, advanced
rendering, and compositing to ensure smooth frame rates, unparalleled game play, and faster

The NVIDIA SLI certification process includes complex testing and analysis to ensure electrical,
mechanical, and thermal compatibility. For PC system integrators, NVIDIA will check thermal
measurements and ensure additional shock, power, and vibration tests are conducted on multiple
components, including hard drives, fans, and power supplies. For application developers who
wish to tune their applications to run best under SLI configurations, NVIDIA is providing
performance tools and a complete SLI development system that allow their content to take
advantage of additional detail levels and resolutions not previously available to single GPU

Under this new program, products may earn one of two NVIDIA SLI certification logos. The
‘NVIDIA SLI Ready’ logo is for use with components such as SLI-based graphics cards, and
SLI-capable motherboards, including those based on NVIDIA nForce™4 SLI technology. The
‘NVIDIA SLI’ logo is for use with systems that have SLI-based graphics cards pre-installed with
an NVIDIA SLI-Ready motherboard and all the appropriate drivers.

‘This new certification and logo program helps end users looking to purchase or build this new
class of PC make the right choice with regards to components and companies,’ said Ujesh Desai,
general manager of desktop products at NVIDIA. ‘When you see one of our NVIDIA SLI logos,
you can be sure the product has been verified and tested with SLI technology and that your
favorite PC games will be ready to take advantage of the combined power of two graphics cards.’
Worldwide system builders currently participating in the SLI program include, but are not limited

• Alienware Corporation
• Atelco
• Cyberpower
• Falcon Northwest Computer Systems
• iBuypower
• Network Technical
• Olidata
• Overdrive PC
• Paradigit
• Polywell
• Scan
• Topnotch
• Velocity Micro
• VoodooPC

‘NVIDIA’s new certification and logo program will assure customers that Alienware is
continuing to set the standard for providing breakthrough innovations in every system’, said
Robert Lusk, vice president of sales and marketing for Alienware. ‘Alienware is excited to share this dedication with NVIDIA and we look forward to a thrilling new generation of gaming with
the power of SLI.’

‘The SLI concept has been close to the hearts of many hardcore gaming enthusiasts for many
years,’ said Eelco Kroonenberg, product manager at Paradigit. ‘Its welcome return is great news
for our customers, and Paradigit are thrilled to be on board, bringing this unbeatable technology
to market.’

‘NVIDIA hasn’t just raised the performance bar with SLI, it’s sent it into orbit,’ said Elan Raja
III, director of Scan Computers UK. ‘Scan prides itself on being the UK’s leading enthusiast PC
company, and we’ve been stunned with the results we’re seeing on our SLI-enabled systems, and
we think our customers will be too.’

‘Based on our own testing, it is clear that NVIDIA SLI combined with the nForce4 MCP is a
deadly combination, wiping the floor with the competition,’ said Rahul Sood, President and CTO
of VoodooPC. ‘It is an incredible technology and we can’t wait to start fulfilling the orders that
have been piling up since we announced our SLI product plans, which include a full line of
Voodoo SLI PCs.’

Leading motherboard manufacturers currently participating in the SLI program include, but are
not limited to:

• ABIT Computer Corporation
• ASUSTeK Computer International
• EPoX Computer Co. Ltd.
• Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd
• Iwill Corporation
• MSI Computer Corporation

Leading add-in card manufacturers currently participating in the SLI program include, but are not
limited to:

• Aopen America, Inc
• ASUS Computer International
• BFG Technologies, Inc.
• Corporation
• Gainward Co. Ltd.
• Jaton
• Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd
• Leadtek Research Inc.
• MSI Computer Corporation
• Palit Microsystems, Inc.
• Peach
• PNY Technologies, Inc.

Complete systems, add-in cards, motherboards, and other SLI components will be available for
sale starting later this month.