Waffer Technology Corp has definitely turned an interesting idea into a working model with the introduction of the PC AirCon PAC 400.  The unit is capable of delivering cool air (4~5ºC below ambient) into a standard PC enclosure, but how much real cooling it will do is affected by many factors.


Using a thermoelectric cooler offers several advantages (compact size, solid-state, no moving parts, etc.) but also suffers from several disadvantages as well (low efficiency, high power requirements, etc).  Bottom line, the PAC 400 just doesn’t have enough thermal capacity to produce the degree of cooling most PC enthusiasts will be looking for from a product like this.


Even though the power draw of the PC AirCon is rather low as Peltier devices go, some power supplies will interpret the sudden increase in 12V current as a short circuit and may shutdown the computer or cause an instant reboot when the PAC 400 is switched on in cooling mode while the PC is running.  The best workaround for this problem is to just leave the PC AirCon turned on in cooling mode at all times.


The PC AirCon is a unique and interesting product but suffers from the basic realities of thermodynamics.  It is a good first effort and we look forward to seeing what future refinements  Waffer Technology may have to offer.  Final pricing and availability have not yet been released but the unit is expected to sell for well under $100 USD.  I would like to thank Waffer Technology Corp for sending us the PC AirCon to review and look forward to seeing what new innovations they come up with next.

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