Razor Diamondback High Precision Gaming Mouse - General Tech 2

Razor Diamondback; makes it sound like one of those surprisingly good Australian ‘creature’ films doesn’t it? Well it’s not! Its actually a high precision gaming mouse from Razor/Kärna Technology (they’re actually part of the same Company) that uses prisms to focus light infinitesimally. If looks are everything, then I want one and for those of you who love to LAN, they even include a nice little ‘LAN pouch’ so you can transport this baby safely. As for performance, well you’ll just have to go and read the review at Hardware Zone, won’t you.
“Gamers rejoice, the ultimate gaming mouse has landed on our shores. With a 1600dpi optical resolution and patented kärna technology, we learn that guns don’t kill people, mice do. Read on to see if you’re worthy to own a Razer Diamondback.”