Super Talent - new Kid on the Memory Block? - Memory 2

Super Talent are an American company based in San Jose, who produce competitively priced high speed memory solutions. They produce a range of DDR modules for workstations, notebooks and servers, all of which come with a lifetime warranty. Their website is simple and easy to understand, with quite an extensive list of compatable motherboards. PimpRig have been lucky enough to get their hands on some Super Talent CL2 PC3500 for testing.

“This review item is manufactured by Super Talent, and they want gamers & high-end system builders to know that there is another source for 256MB Low Latency (CL2) DDR Memory. Some system builders have had a hard time finding low latency ram at a decent price. For those that seek a 512MB, DDR 433 MHz, and CL2 memory module but can’t find it, Super Talent offers a very price competitive 256MB, DDR 433 MHz, CL2 module – with a lifetime warranty. Also, the price structure of 256MB x 4 sticks (= 1GB) is positioned to be at least 25-30% cheaper than the competition’s 512MB x 2 (=1GB).”