What’s the real difference between Eastern Block and Western Block?  Procooling knows.  Also, Polarflo escalates the conflict with an announcement about a new series and 2 more reviews compete for your attention.
“Procooling has been trying to test more European waterblocks lately to provide a clear and fair picture of the designs and technology to our readers. Today we have a review of one of the most highly-regarded waterblocks from Germany: the Alphacool NexXxoS XP.  Conventional wisdom is that this doesn’t matter because the Alphacool (and other European waterblocks for that matter) are “designed for low flow”. You can see such comments perpetuated in other reviews of this block, but looking at the above graph it doesn’t seem to be valid… In fact the relatively thin baseplate and accelerator nozzle make the NexXxoS block perform extremely well at higher flow rates.”

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