Globalwin is trying out a new style of watercooling, and A True Review has it in for testing.  Take a look and see if this new stylish cooler is the right one for you.  Danger Den and Swiftech also have products being tested, if you aren’t ready to make the plunge into a new style of cooling.

“Today’s water cooling systems are simple and consistent in design. Generally, a system consists of a radiator, reservoir, pump, and waterblock. The working principal is that water conducts the heat from the waterblock which in turn is absorbed from the CPU. Then the water moves to the radiator for cooling. In addition, as the radiator absorbs the water’s heat, fans cool the radiator. For the most part, this design works very well. Then again, there has never been a radically different design to compare it to. Rather than going with the flow, no pun intended, GlobalWin has decided to not use the standard radiator design in their new water cooling system, the Jefi. ”

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