The Sunbeam case that OCIA reviews has one of the most interesting side panels I’ve seen on a non-modded case.  See if it fits your style too.  If not there are 1 or 2 more reviews to try.
“Sunbeam has listened to the cries of enthusiasts for years and has included a 120mm front intake fan hole. I am not sure why they included a fan bracket, as a 120mm fan can be mounted directly to the steel shell behind it, eliminating the need for the bracket. Personally, I removed and discarded this bracket. Another great feature visible in the photo above is the fan grill. Many manufacturers use the tiny punched-holes, which do not provide adequate airflow for the fan. This style, with much larger holes, is less restrictive and allows for more cool air to flow into the case. Unfortunately, a 120mm fan was not included for this location. One can be purchased separately from Sunbeam, or you can simply use one you already own.”

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