Heatsinks are growing in size at an unbelievable rate, just check out this Zalman that Systemcooling just reviewed.  If you are happy with the cooling on your CPU, maybe your HDD’s, RAM or graphics card could chill a bit.
“The CNPS-7700 Cu is Zalman’s latest (and largest) addition to their line of radial coolers. This monster measures 5 3/8″/136mm in diameter, and stands 2 5/8″/67mm tall yet masses only 2.0lbs./0.91kg. The heat sink is composed of sixty-five copper alloy stampings that each measure 0.016″/0.40mm thick. Each copper stamping forms two fins that protrude from each side of the heat sink block in a radial pattern, for a total of 130 fins. This, as you might expect, provides a vast amount of surface area. Actually, the amount of surface area on this heat sink is borderline-ridiculous: 506.5 Square Inches/3268 Square centimeters! 3.5+ Square Feet! In layman’s terms, the CNPS-7700 Cu heat sink has just a little more surface area than if you laid two food trays commonly found in fast food restaurants everywhere, side by side.”

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