ATI Radeon X700 - Graphics Cards 2 Not everyone needs or wants a top of the range graphics card and there are some good mid range alternatives on the market right now. One alternative to consider is one of the Radeon X700 series graphics cards, based on ATI’s RV410 GPU. The X700 Pro is a smart looking little card, with a compact dual exhaust cooling solution. It also doesn’t require an external power source like its bigger relatives. Check it out at System Cooling .com
 “Video card manufacturers may hype the bejesus out of their top end
offerings, but they are not stupid, and they know for every buyer of a top
end card, there are numerous consumers who have no desire to assume a second
mortgage just to play a game. Thus, the midrange market has become a
battleground every bit as vicious, and in truth, more important than the
Battle of the Titans. ATI has released their X700 series video cards to fill
this market segment, and the card we’re looking at today, the X700 Pro
256MB, is the middle card of three X700 offerings in terms of price and

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