For those of us that overclock, there is a never ending battle to keep the cpu stable and the temperature low. It looks like Coolermaster has an addition to the selection of heatsinks and fans we use to battle high temperature. What is Coolermaster’s answer to the battle on temperature? Introducing the Hyper48 Copper Heatpipe Cooler. Check out how it performs over at ExtremeMhz.
“As I mentioned in another review previously, I really do have a short list
of companies that I actually enjoy working with.Cooler Master is definitely
on that list! Today I have the enviable pleasure of reviewing their newest
heatpipe cooler, the Hyper 48. The 48 refers to this model’s compatibility
with both Socket 775/478 Pentium 4 and the AMD K8 platforms. Cooler Master’s
last venture, although a powerful solution did have a few small places for improvement. On the surface, the Hyper48 appears to keep all the strong
points of the Hyper 6 while working on the few – and I do stress the word “few” – problems that the Hyper 6 has. With Cooler Master’s past track record to look at, I was positive that this heatsink would be an outstanding performer.but I think we will withhold judgment until the end of the