Gigabyte K8NS Ultra-939 - Motherboards 2Supporting the latest AMD socket 939 AthlonTM64/ 64 FX processor, the GA-K8NS Ultra-939 brings new levels of performance and features to the desktop platform. The brand new AMD AthlonTM64/ 64 FX processor is furnished with unprecedented framework consisting of AMD’s 64-bit computing platform, HyperTransport Technology, and internal DDR400 memory controller to boost the overall performance. Accompanied with the innovative designs of AthlonTM64, the advanced NVIDIA nForce3 platform processor and Gigabyte’s unique technology also contribute to the functionality and stability of this platform. The industry’s first IEEE 1394b controller from T.I. is integrated for the high-speed interface of future Audio/Video devices. Another feature is the Dual LAN, equipped for establishing the traffic between two separate networks to ensure rapid transfer of data from WAN to LAN. The IEEE1394b, and Serial ATA provide superior input/output performance and data protection. Gigabyte’s GA-K8NS Ultra-939 definitely represents the uppermost platform for today’s computers.
The Gigabyte K8NS Ultra-939 Reviewed at Legion Hardware

“The K8NS Ultra-939 costs just $110 US, making it almost $100 US cheaper than the Gigabyte 939-pin flagship product, being the K8NSNXP-939. Knowing this I was interested in learning what features or options had been removed from the K8NS Ultra-939 to allow for such a large price drop. However, after comparing the boards side by side on the desk and in the BIOS, it is clear that the new K8NS Ultra-939 is not only cheaper, but also a better product.”