Mushkin PC2-5300 (DDR2) - Memory 2 How fast?! Mushkin Enhanced Memory is definitely one of THE choices for the discerning computer fanatic, as well as being a really good choice if you’re looking to build your first PC, or even just upgrading. Mushkin pride themselves on Trust, Service and Support and offer Lifetime Warranty on all their products. Now well established since they first began producing memory products back in 1994, they today supply to over 45 countries world-wide. And it looks like they mean to continue the way they started with their excellent DDR2. No fancy names here, but it certainly looks like that hasn’t affected the performance. Check it out at
“The maximum attainable speed we able to achieve with the PC2-5300 was
a very respectable 321 MHz or a 642 DDR, slightly less than the 667 MHz
Mushkin rates this memory to perform at. With the recent findings from the
X-Bit Labs about DDR2 and low latencies it may turn out that DDR2 memory is
not the black sheep of the family after all.”