NetGear's MP101 Digital Music Player Reborn - General Tech 2 Netgear’s MP101 Digital Music Player is one of those gadgets that connects to a LAN so you can play music files and Internet radio on your stereo without running audio cables through the house or putting a computer in your lounge room. Having read the literature it looks like this rather nifty looking piece of kit has finally come of age. It would certainly compliment my twin silver Lian Li’s and my fingers are getting really itchy. Put that wallet down! Looks like fun, so see how well the little silver box has matured at Dan’s Data
“NetGear’s MP101 Digital Music Player is one of those products that started
out broken, but has been fixed. When it was new, about a year ago, it
sucked for a number of reasons. Today, a few firmware revisions later,
pretty much everything that used to be awful about it isn’t any more. For
the money, it’s now a rather good deal.”