PQI PC4000-1024DBL TURBO - Memory 2 During the last year PQI have begun to make a name for themselves as a manufacturer of high quality memory. They may not be at the top of the tree yet, but they have certainly begun to make a name for themselves within the overclocking community. PQI have quite a list of memory products, both single and dual channel DDR and DDR2, as well as memory cards and flash media products. The PQI TURBO series is available clothed in either mirrored black or platinum heatspreaders and are certainly competitively priced. To find out more take a look at this review at Extreme Overclocking.
“PQI makes a wide range of DDR / DDR2 / Flash memory products that fit everyone from the budget consumer to the performance enthusiast. Today we are taking a look at the PQI4000-1024DBL TURBOmemory modules. These memory modules are rated to run at DDR 500MHz (PC4000) with better than average latency timings of 2.5-3-3-7, and have a mirrored black copper heat spreaders. Also worth mentioning is that this memory carries a lifetime warranty.”