Shuttle CR40 DVD+RW DL 16x Burner - Storage 2 According to Shuttle, the world’s first 16X DVD writer with ‘style’; it’s Simply Beautiful! Designed to match the XPC’s superb industrial design and performance metrics, this latest addition to the XPC Accessories product-line features fast 16X DVD ± RW burning (4X DL burning) and high-capacity 8.5GB recording with the sexiest front panel on the market. Available in three colors – black, white and silver – the CR40 perfectly color matches the XPC. Further, the CR40 is the first white 16X DVD dual-layer burner, a fact that owners of white computers, such as the XPC Zen, are sure to welcome. Other design features include:
  • Brushed aluminum bezel (black, silver only)
  • Smooth “XPC like” corners
  • Streamline status light and eject button
  • See the Shuttle CR40 @ Club Overclocker

    “Shuttle has come a long way to distinguish themselves as one of the best manufacturers in the SFF PC Market. Some may agree that they founded SFF, although we see Shuttle as the kind of company that is so good at what they do that they have earned that right. With their attention to detail and small engineering feats to correct the disadvantages associated with cooling in a small space. Having seen so many of these SFF’s I think its amazing to see such power in a small space. Given that kind of feat associated with Shuttle, they even have you covered in upgrading your SFF with anything from movie theme changeovers on the SFF case to flash card readers. Today at ClubOC, Shuttle considers it a small miracle that they have a 16x DVD+RW DL burner to pop directly into their SFF systems. Well, we’re today to see if its worth it to you… “

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