So what if you made a huge heatsink, and hollowed it out that your entire system could fit in it, and then filled most of the remaining space with heatpipes?  You’d have Zalman’s TNN500AF case, and X-bit Labs does a great review on it.  My only warning about it is the price, a quick look shows the cheapest price to be around $1000.00.
“The new system case from Zalman, the TNN500AF model, beats its precursor, the TNN500A, in every respect. The new system is more efficient, functional and easier to assemble and use. The exterior of the new case hasn’t changed much, but the minor retouching of the front and rear panels have certainly added some more beauty to it. The redesigned CPU cooling system doesn’t require that you buy longer heat pipes if the CPU socket is located inconveniently, while the graphics card cooling system has just become more efficient. The chipset cooling kit, new in the TNN500AF, is good, but 1) sometimes it’s not easily installed, and 2) the original chipset heatsink cannot be removed on some mainboards.”

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