Danger Den is a very well known watercooling company, and their TDX series shows why.  Club Overclocker takes you through the performance of a socket 939 cooler.  Or, if you are feeling adventurous, why not build your own heatcore.  Enjoy the weekend!
“Some people think that water cooling can be dangerous, hard to put together, and unreliable, but Danger Den has been active in the water cooled PC market for years, and speaking from personal experience I have yet to experience any kind of failure from a product they have either manufactured or carried over the course of 5 years. Starting from the first design of the Maze waterblock, Danger Den has continuously sought after improving its efficiency year after year, and now has become known as the TDX. Sure a few months back we tested a TDX of the Pentium 4 variety, but we’re here today to relive the glory of the TDX on a Socket 939.”

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