Software and Included Extras


Abit has done a lot of work on their uGuru (micro guru) software over the years, and they have stuck with it through thick and thin.  I won’t go over all the details of the software suite again, but you can reference our look at it on the Abit KV8 Pro review from a little while ago.

Hardware Bundle

Abit has done a good job of including a lot of the extras that you’ll need to get up and running with your new system based on the Fatal1ty motherboard. 

Abit Fatal1ty AA8XE Motherboard Review - Motherboards 87

Abit has included four Serial ATA cables and a single SATA power adaptor (good for at least two drives) so that you can easily install your new hard drives.  They have included a quick setup guide, a manual for their uGuru software, motherboard reference diagram sticker, drivers and even an optical audio cable to be used with the Azalia sound system.

Abit Fatal1ty AA8XE Motherboard Review - Motherboards 88

In the other section of the box Abit includes a floppy cable and an IDE cable, both rounded.  A USB and Firewire header is included to expand on the on-board connectors.  A back panel is included of course, as is the OTES memory cooler and (not pictured here) the sound riser for the full audio features of the motherboard.

There isn’t much else that Abit could have included unless you were looking for another SATA HD power adaptor or perhaps additional Firewire and USB headers.

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