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When I first opened up the box to the Asus P5GD2 Premium, I was shocked by the quantity of stuff that came inside. Asus made sure that when you bought their Premium board, you get all the accessories to take advantage of the features. The box is literally overflowing with SATA cables.

Asus P5GD2 Premium Intel 915P Motherboard - Motherboards 40

  • 10 SATA cables (enough for all SATA connections and extender)
  • 4 SATA “Y” power adapters
  • 2x 80-pin IDE cables
  • 1x floppy cable
  • 2x IEEE1394b and Gigabit LAN bracket
  • 2x USB 2.0 and Game port bracket
  • Serial port bracket
  • SATA extension bracket
  • Wireless antenna
  • Extra jumpers
  • Manuals and CDs

Asus P5GD2 Premium Intel 915P Motherboard - Motherboards 41

The SATA extension bracket is particularly interesting and acts as a coupler between cables on the inside of your case and the outside. Asus provides all the data and power cables to use this.

The manual is typical Asus quality. It’s very clear and concise with great use of diagrams.


There are two CDs bundled with the Asus P5GD2 Premium: driver disc, and the WinDVD Suite. The driver disc includes all drivers needed for the P5GD2 including a copy of PC-cillin, PC health monitoring and overclocking, and technical support contact information. The WinDVD suite includes DVD authoring software and a MP3 player, in addition to the DVD player.

Asus P5GD2 Premium Intel 915P Motherboard - Motherboards 42
Asus’ PC Probe monitors your computer’s health.

Asus’ AiBooster software is worth mentioning as a lot of manufacturers are including similar pieces into their bundles these days. AiBooster, when enabled in the BIOS, allows the user to dynamically overclock their system manually or have it done automatically by Ai N.O.S., all without having to reboot Windows.  Ai N.O.S. worked as advertised, but manually adjusting the bus frequency tended to crash the system.

Asus P5GD2 Premium Intel 915P Motherboard - Motherboards 43
Ai Booster allows you to overclock within Windows.

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