Application – PCMark 04, Winstone

PCMark 04

Asus P5GD2 Premium Intel 915P Motherboard - Motherboards 40

Like the results of the memory and CPU tests on the previous page, here we see the Asus P5GD2 soundly beating the AMD systems in this synthetic computer productivity test. The 915P with DDR2 is showing itself to be a great performer but surprisingly, the normal DDR version of the 915P is very close.

Business and Multimedia Winstone

Asus P5GD2 Premium Intel 915P Motherboard - Motherboards 41

Contradicting the results from PCMark 04, we see here that there isn’t much difference between the various systems. This could be explained by the fact that PCMark performs more CPU intensive activities like archiving, virus scanning, and file encryption which gives the CPU better opportunity to shine, whereas Winstone is more general computer usage which uses lower CPU resources.

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